Environ Evenescence Clarifying Lotion


Environ Evenescence Clarifying Lotion nourishes the skin with important water-soluble ingredients that inhibit the production of melanin. It maintains the skin’s natural acid mantle and can either be used on small, easily defined pigment blemishes, or as a whole face & neck solution for extensive uneven skin tone. Comes complete with a penetrant enhancer that allows for increased penetration of the active ingredients for faster, more effective results.


  • Contains powerful active ingredients Niacinamide and Sepiwhite-MSHâ„¢ which help control the formation and dispersion of melanin responsible for uneven skin tone.
  • Features a penetrant enhancer which allows for increased penetration of the active ingredients for quicker and more effective results.

How to Use

  • Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone. Massage Clarifying Lotion into the affected areas using the fingertips or use on the entire face and neck. Allow to dry and then apply your preferred Environ vitamin A moisturizer.
  • Suitable for uneven skin tone and sun damaged skin types.
  • Use morning and evening.
  • Suitable for all ages.
Environ Low Foam Cleansing GelEnviron Evenescence Clarifying Lotion